Online casino gambling and betting should be fun, not a method to make money!

OnlineGambling4Money is committed to maximising the enjoyment and quality time our readers receive from gaming. However, we have a duty to remind our users how to recognise potentially problematic behaviour in themselves.

Developing an addiction to wagering is never permissible. If you observe any of the following, we will advise you to cease playing and reconsider:

➑️ You devote an excessive amount of time engaging.

➑️ You gamble with funds you cannot afford to lose.

➑️ You do not give up when you are winning.

➑️ You acquire loans to continue playing.

➑️ You are playing to make up for previous losses.

➑️ You begin to value gaming more than your family and close friends.

➑️ You must increase the stakes to generate excitement.

Why does OnlineGambling4Money advocate for Responsible Gaming?

The topic of Responsible Gambling is more prevalent than ever before. According to us, this stage could not have been attained any sooner. We at OnlineGambling4Money value responsible wagering so highly that we’ve incorporated it into our casino ranking algorithm.

We are the only organisation that considers measures of responsible wagering when ranking casinos. It is one of the most important factors we consider when ranking online casinos. To receive a perfect score on the Responsible Gambling criterion, a casino must encompass our entire metric evaluation and measurement process.

To receive a 5-star rating for Responsible Gambling, an online casino must provide the following measures:

βœ… Direct connection to a charity

βœ… Financial restraints

βœ… History of online transactions

βœ… Self-evaluation exam

βœ… Hold-up period

βœ… Mutual exclusion

βœ… Reality-check prompt

As you might expect, we do not award 5 stars to a large number of online casinos that take proactive steps towards responsible wagering.

How can we stop people from being addicted to gambling?

The casino’s own tools for imposing betting limitations come highly recommended. Additionally, remember that problem gamblers can get assistance everywhere in the world. Many resources are available in English to help players or their loved ones who are experiencing gaming issues. All of them provide advice, assistance, and encouragement.

Mistreating a Bonus

Huge sums of bonus cash or free spins may be available with some casino bonuses. Due to the nature of humans, there will always be those who try to cheat the system, even if they don’t technically have any legal standing to do so. It’s conceivable for someone to take advantage of a bonus without even realising it. That’s why it’s crucial to read the extra T&Cs before accepting any money. It prevents bonus exploitation and ensures that you are constantly informed of the applicable terms and conditions.

If you abuse a bonus, the bonus and all associated winnings might be revoked. A complete ban from the casino and, most likely, all of its related establishments is the end outcome.

Abuse of bonuses occurs, for instance, when a single household makes several deposits at the same casino and claims multiple welcome bonuses. We stress that players should never establish several accounts at the same online casino; online casinos will quickly catch on to this form of abuse.

It is common practise for online casinos to limit the number of players who may claim a no deposit offer from a single IP address or household. As a result, it is impossible for two distinct people living in the same household to cash in on two separate initial deposit bonuses from the same online casino.

It’s also helpful to be aware that certain bonus offers are only valid inside a given country and cannot be redeemed from outside of that country.